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Ancestors of Charles Gorsuch

This is a listing of claimed ancestors of Rev. John Gorsuch and his wife Anne Lovelace. The principal source for this lineage was a genealogy on the Gorsuch and Lovelace families published in the Virginia Historical Magazine from 1916 to 1918, The Gorsuch and Lovelace Families by J. Hall Pleasants. It has been supplemented by additional information.

Some of the claims of ancestry in the middle ages of course are subjected to conflicting claims and therefore should be considered with some skepticism.

According to a posting a few years ago on the GenName Newsgroup, by Kate Press (of Australia) the Gorsuch family name originated in the small village of Scarisbrick, located a bout 15 kilometers north of Liverpool and 6 kilometers northwest of Ormskirk. There lie the ruins of Scarisbrick Hall. About 1200 AD Scarsbrick was the home of yeoman farmer Walter de Scarisbrick, who had 2 sons, Henry his heir and Adam. As the estate would pass to Henry, Walter assigned land to Adam at a place called Gosfordsyke (the place where the Geese ford the creek). The the name Gorsuch derived from the younger son Adam de Gosfordsyke, a place name. The name Gorsuch was applied to an estate there in the 1600s and there remains a Gorsuch Lane there today.

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Created 30 Nov 1998