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Descendants of Dennis GARRETT

Dennis Garrett appears in Baltimore County Land Records on 2 March 1685/6 when Edward Mumford sold to Dennis Garrett and Thomas Stone the 100 acre tract Long Island Point. Some genealogies have claimed that he was the son of Francis Garrett of Virginia and Mary Dennis. I am not aware of any hard evidence that supports this claim. Also it is claimed in several genealogies that his wife, Barbary, was the sister of Thomas Stone. Again this is not supported by any evidence I know of, except perhaps the deed from Thomas Stone to Dennis Garrett's widow where he conveyed part of the tract of Long Island Point to her. Some have interpreted the wording of this deed as implying a relationship between Thomas and Barbary. However, this does not seem to be the case as the deed speaks of the love and affection Thomas held for Dennis Garrett (not Barbary) and it is also possible that Thomas was simply giving his partner's widow her departed husband's interest in the land they owned together. Dennis Garrett died of wounds received from Capt. John Oldton on July 31, 1691. The trial records provide information on the event for which John Oldton was found guilty of murder, but later pardoned. The attack tool place in front of Dennis' family and his son-in-law John Cole was a witness at the trial.

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