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Descendants of Nicholas HAILE of Lancaster Co VA

There were several early HAILE, HALE, HAYLE, HEALE settlers in Virginia. Some have claimed that Nicholas Haile was the son of a George Haile. This is questionable, since while there were some George Hale immigrants, notably a 13 year old drummer boy named George Hale on the ship Supply in 1620, an a George Hale/Heale in Northumberland County who claims to be over 60 years of age in 1661, it seems that records indicate that Nicholas Haile of Lancaster Co VA, was of York County until 1656 when he is described as of Lancaster Co. In the Records of Northumberland Co is a Thomas Haile,Hayles, Hale who seems to have been born ca. 1601, and may be the 20 year old Thomas Hale arriving on the GEORGE in 1623. The Thomas Haile appears in Northumberland Co records starting in 1648. He apparently had a son name John. What relation may exist between Nicholas Haile and these other Haile, Hale families that were living in the same area is unknown.

There have been claims that Nicholas' wife Mary was nee Travers, however, so far there does not appear any substaniation of this claim and it appears that in migh have arose from a missinterpretation of Mary Hale being listed in the debts of the estate of Rawleigh Travers. (Thanks to Linda for providing some of the early VA record data on the Haile family)

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