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Descendants of John MERRYMAN

There were a number of Merrymans in Colonial Virginia between 1638 and 1650.

The name Merryman and Merriman shows up early on Virginia Records. Merryman in The Chancery Patent Rolls of 12 Charles I, part 23, (1636/1637) Merryman in Port Book of London, Waiters Overseas (1637/1638)

The relationship of John Merryman to there others is not certain. These others include a John Merryman and John Merryman Jr. who settled around Isle of Wight Co. VA. John, the father of Charles, is thought to been related to Richard Merryman who also settled in Lancaster Cp VA and lived close by to John. There is evidence of several men named Merryman coming to Maryland prior to Charles Merryman. In Skordas' "Early Settlers of Maryland" There is a John Merryman listed as being transported prior to 1677 (l.15/f.448) and prior to 1679 (l. WC/f.108) and a William Merryman transported before 1663 (l.6/f.214). Also a James Merriman was among the early settlers of Anne Arundel Co MD, being a justice in 1650. James Merryman assigned his grant of 500 acres of land in 1662 to John Browne of New England.

Charles Merryman of Baltimore Co has long been known to come from Lancaster Co., VA, as he was styled Wheelwright of Crototoman River, Virginia as grantee of the 300 acre tract "East Humphreys"on the north side of Patapsco River dated 30 March 1682 from Thomas Everset, planter and wife Hannah, alias Hanah Bale.1 Also many of the genealogies that address the family, identify records in Lancaster Co that show he was the son of John and Audrey Merriman. However, what seems to be missing from most of the material on the family is the fact that his first wife, Mary, was the daughter of Nicholas and Mary Hale/Heale and the widow of Henry King. He had a second wife Mary who appears to be the mother of his daughter, while his three sons are by Mary Hale. The Henry King who left a will dated 18 Jan 1717 in Baltimore Co appears to have been the step-son of Charles Maerryman. Also in the Virginia records we find the likely reason why Charles Merriman left Virginia and came to Maryland

The trail of evidence for the identity of Mary, wife of Charles Merryman starts with the court of 12 Nov 1672 in Lancaster Co in an action concerning the estates of Nicholas HALE and Mary Hale. A suite was filed by Henry King, who married Mary, the daughter of Nicholas Hale against George Hale, the Administrater of Mary Hale who was the administrix of the estate of Nicholas Hale. The court ordered that one-third part of the two third part of Nicholas Hale's estate and a one-third part of the estate of Mary Hale be delivered to Henry King. This action shows that Mary Hale, daughter of Nicholas and Mary married Henry King. It also indicates she had two sibblings. At the 12 March 1672/3 Court there is further action about the suite of Henry King, the husband of Mary daughter of Nicholas Hale against George Hale, administrator of Mary Hale who has been administrix of Nicholas Hale in which Thomas Martyn, Nicholas George, Thomas Bickley, and John Arnold on the 15th Instant were to divide the estate into three equal parts.

On 8 March 1681/82 a suite was filed in Lancaster Co Court by Nicholas George and George Heale, securities for the Estate of Henry KING. The Court order that since Charles MERRYMAN, who had married the widow and relict of the said KING, had clandestinely departed the Country, that for the security of Nicholas GEORGE and George Heale, an Inventory of the whole Estate belonging to Charles Merriman in this County be forthwith taken by Robert PRITCHARD and Thomas PARFIT and exhibited to the next Court. This is the time of course at which Charles Merryman purchased the 300 acre track "East Humphreys" in Baltimore County (30 April 1682).

For further data on Charles Merryman in Virginia, researchers are encouraged to look at the Court Order books for Lancaster County, VA that have been extracted by the Sparacios. , & the series Cavaliers and Pioneers of Virginia.


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